Throughout the course of our lives, our perception of the world changes. That change is precipitated by our change in perspective. We start off as a blank slate with unlimited potential. In the beginning, the world has unlimited potential and our imaginations are the only limits of the possible. As we mature, our imaginations become focused on our desires and communal view of the world. We often lose interest in the peculiar wonders of the world that sit at the periphery of our focused set of life goals. The part of the brain once occupied with never before seen vivid colors, new noises, balloons and the fleeting brilliance of a rainbow unfortunately becomes burdened with the routine demands of survival and the matter of attaining goals. Limitless possibility is replaced by myopic pursuits of perfection.

Cherundolo’s art is about taking these pursuits of perfection and redirecting our perspectives. A controlled and refined approach brought together by reacquiring the infinitely possible in lieu of reality. Cherundolo’s art uses the many faucets of life and the roles required to succeed in it, in order to craft a scene that captures the innocence of unbound and unpolluted beauty while weaving a tapestry of naturally present curves and momentum so prevalent in our day-to-day lives.

This tapestry lends itself to the proposition of the Arboretum. Peace and tranquility can be found in the contoured shapes of the sylvan landscapes of the Arboretum. The tree is a sentinel presence that offers protection and solace. The images are not meant to be a realistic representation of a venerable tree, but more to provoke the feelings one associates with a tree. By forcing us into this relaxed state of mind, we are able to once again tap into our imaginations and rediscover the peculiar wonders of the world.

Travel farther into the depths of this protected forest and the world of Cherundolo’s accrued subconscious is revealed. In order to rediscover our subconscious state of mind, Cherundolo uses a single idealized and unique feminine presence placed within the tapestry of nature. Not quite real and borderline abstract landscapes combine with the patterns Cherundolo has become known for. Paths and rolling hills offer the possibility of unknown adventure for the virginal subject. The patterns of the landscape are consistent with those of the subject of the painting, thus suggesting a possible influence of the environment on this girl. The viewer is offered a chance to see the perspective of the artist. One that is of a girl both innocent but also wise beyond her years. She finds herself in a strange and yet familiar position surrounded by both supportive and troubling influences placing her in the center of her own world, isolated but yet part of it all. We are all like the subject, battle-hardened souls looking to reignite our imaginations in order to rediscover the world again through virgin eyes with ideals and hope.