Cherundolo's portraits are extremely unique.  Cherundolo's technique uses the classic style of painting from the Renaissance and images from pop culture periodicals that attempt to capture the essence of the client's desires.

Cherundolo meets with the client to look through reference photos and example portraits. This is both an educational process and a help to the client in deciding on the direction he or she wants for the portrait. It also helps the artist understand the clients likes, desires, and needs.

Cherundolo then creates a digital composition and poses. Once the client agrees on the direction of the painting Cherundolo then uses a camera to record various poses and expressions of the figure. This process takes several hours.

In the following weeks, Cherundolo emails the client a more detailed digital composition. After the client approves the composition Cherundolo paints the first layer of the painting. She then emails the client a photo of the first layer of the painting. At this point the client can make minor changes to the composition. Once this is approved by the client no more changes can be made to the composition.  Then several more layers of paint are added and the panting is complete.


All portrait sizes are custom and prices vary according to the size of the painting and the number of figures in the portrait.

Travel, lodging, framing and shipping expenses are in addition to the quoted price.

A 50% deposit is required prior to commencement of the digital composition. Balance is to be paid in full upon delivery of completed artwork. If the commissioner refuses to pay for completed artwork, the deposit is forfeited, but the balance does not need to be paid. While the time to complete each commission varies, a good basic rule of thumb is 12-20 weeks. Very large pieces, multi-piece commissions and site-specific work may take additional time to complete.

Portraits may be purchased with cash, a cashier's check, or personal check made payable to ”KRISTI CHERUNDOLO“.

Please note: Payment by personal check must clear bank deposit prior to release of purchased artwork.